WP 12: Management

General Information

To develop and sustain technical coordination and project management to successfully complete all aspects of the
proposal, in accordance with the EC grant agreement and consortium agreement:

  • To manage all operational tasks during the project;
  • To manage all internal communication tasks within the project.

Latest Publication

Workshop report: 4 th Stakeholder Core Group Workshop

The Workshop aimed to inspire the consumer oriented way of thinking facilitated by a stepwise approach and introducing the consumer drivers of food and dietary choice into prospective studies on the sustainability of the EU food system. The Workshop also evaluated and prioritized the consumer-oriented innovation pathways on fruit and vegetables in the EU and the project also wanted to receive feedback on the on going foresight work of SUSFANS. Furthermore, the Workshop also aimed to discuss the likely key outputs of the project and how these could be of use to the stakeholders and their organizations. Finally, the project team wanted to discuss with stakeholders how to deliver the outreach work of the project beyond the stakeholder core group itself asking the group to help shaping the key messages of the project to the different stakeholder communities and discussing how the group could play an ambassadorial role for the project.

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State of play in the SUSFANS project - second period

SUSFANS focuses on a number of core questions: How can we improve the food system of the EU, especially from the perspective of social, environmental and economic sustainability? How can we balance and encompass different views on balanced consumer diets and food and nutrition security in the EU? The research approach is built around the development of a set of metrics, models and foresight tools, which can be used to navigate through decisions on measures for achieving sustainable food and nutrition security. This approach results in a holistic, integrated and coherent vision of what entails sustainable food and nutrition security in the EU in a context of global change. It underpins a perspective on how EU policies on farming, fishing, food and nutrition could contribute to that vision with greater efficacy than today.

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Deliverable 12.1 Consortium Agreement

Abstract: Strengthening food and nutrition security (FNS) in the EU requires a move towards a diet that supports sustainable food consumption and production. To gauge the policy reforms needed for this major societal challenge, the SUSFANS - consortium

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