WP 11: Impact and Dissemination

General Information

The overall objective of WP11 is to ensure the effective dissemination of project results by actively promoting the use
of the SUSFANS toolbox by stakeholders:

  • To develop a communication plan, and to define and identify target groups;
  • To build a website that connects and informs project partners and stakeholders;
  • To periodically publish information on project results;
  • To develop professional presentation material on the SUSFANS toolbox, results and insights;
  • To create awareness via the SUSFANS toolbox Europe Tour;
  • To disseminate the feedback on SUSFANS toolbox, its results and insights.

Latest Publication

Newsletter 5

SUSFANS is entering the final phase of the project, the development of (an interactive demo of) the SUSFANS Visualizer as a web-tool has been initiated. It is planned to populate the tool with scenario results from the foresight report, and that we allow users to explore trade-offs between sustainability challenges and possible impact of policy changes or systems innovations. The resulting and already famous toolbox will be presented and discussed on a tour through Europe starting soon. Read more in this newsletter!

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Newsletter 2

The second newsletter answers research questions like: "What do European consumers think about sustainable food?", "Can information beef up the demand for meat alternatives?" or "Can we bank on seafood for a healthier food consumption?" It gives short summaries of the deliverables and papers, published during the last month

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Newsletter 1

The first Newsletter of 2016 on project updates and informative SUSFANS research

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Deliverable 11.3 - First leaflet and press release

This deliverable embodies the first leaflet and press release. Results from Task 11.3. Dissemination materials include: a) two project leaflets, b) press releases on the project in English and translated into the partners‘ languages, c) two articles for specific magazines and relevant audiences, d) an entity poster or roll-up stand featuring the logo and key messages of the contract for use at booths and workshops, and e) a yearly electronic newsletter

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Deliverable 11.2 Logo and Website

Abstract : This deliverable will report on Task 11.2. The project website, including the project logo and a SUSFANS community on LinkedIn, will have an external and internal structure. The website will offer completed research output as well as provide key data tha t will allow the user to interact with the research findings

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Deliverable 11 .1 Communication Plan

Abstract: This deliverable embodies the Communication Plan and will report on Task 11.1. The communication plan includes a long list of the future users of the SUSFANS toolbox and first clusters of regions and target groups

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