WP 10: Foresight

General Information

The overall objective is to provide foresight on future development of FNS in the EU based on:

  • Future scenario narratives translation into quantitative model drivers;
  • Implementation of the SUSFANS toolbox to individual challenges faced by the EU FNS in order to explore in depth their potential effects;
  • Quantification and assessment of a wide range of agro-food policies with respect to their capacity to contribute to the sustainable FNS in the EU;
  • Comprehensive assessment of selected holistic future development scenarios and relevant agro-food policy responses in short and long term.

Latest Publication

Deliverable 10.1: Quantified SUSFANS scenario drivers ready to be used by the modeling toolbox

This deliverable quantifies the most relevant scenario narratives spanning across the range of future challenges for the EU sustainable FNS for use in the SUSFANS toolbox.

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