Work Packages

The overall objective is to provide foresight on future development of FNS in the EU.

The overall objective of WP11 is to ensure the effective dissemination of project results by actively promoting the use
of the SUSFANS toolbox by stakeholders

To develop and sustain technical coordination and project management to successfully complete all aspects of the
proposal, in accordance with the EC grant agreement and consortium agreement

To enhance the conceptualization of FNS and to develop metrics for food system sustainability that capture the range of world views across food system actors to enhance food security and environmental outcomes across Europe.

The objective of WP2 is to provide an understanding of the drivers of changes and responses to dietary recommendations. To provide insights regarding consumers' perception and reaction about new issues linked to sustainability, nutrition, environment and food security.

The purpose of WP3 is to improve understanding of determinants of private food standards, where do they come from, what drives their implementation and what is the interaction of private/public standards

The work package will develop a system understanding of the drivers of and prepare, collect and deliver the data for assessing FNS and its sustainability at the level of primary agricultural and fisheries production

Illustrate and validate sustainability metrics for assessing FNS in major current food supply chains. Further WP 5 will identify a set of innovative sustainability pathways as a contribution to defining scenarios for modeling future FNS

The overall objective of WP6 is to ensure SUSFANS products are of optimal value to a balanced range of end users  by building and maintaining a solid and effective interaction with a broad stakeholder community throughout the life of the project.

The overall aim is to operationalize “SHARP diets” for EU consumers in sub-regions based on individual-level data such diets are environmentally Sustainable, Healthy, Affordable, Reliable and Palatable.

Work package 8 will develop econometric tools for short-term forecasts and early warning systems for the most relevant agricultural commodities, with an explicit assessment of model uncertainty.

The work package will provide foresight towards 2050 on sustainable EU FNS by improving long term models.