The specific objective of SUSFANS is to build a conceptual framework, an evidence base and analytical tools for underpinning EU-wide food policies – with respect to their impact on consumers’ diets, on nutrition and public health, on the environment, on the competitiveness of the EU agricultural-food sector, as well as on global food and nutrition security. The 4-year project is organised in three pillars, which jointly comprise 12 Work Packages (see Fig 1). With the integration of metrics, models and foresight, SUSFANS aims to set a scientific standard for assessing sustainable food and nutrition security in the EU. The project will inform policy reforms and innovations that contribute to better alignment of healthy consumption and food production in the EU. The exchange with stakeholders is considered essential for the research agenda and its impact towards a European food system. The research design is based on three, inter-related pillars:


Pillar 1: Assessing sustainable FNS

Pillar 2: Pillar 2: Innovative micro- and macro-modelling of the nutrition chain from primary production to consumer intake

Pillar 3: Case studies on producer and consumer innovations to test the framework and options for policy reform to support sustainable FNS in the EU