Deliverable 10.1: Quantified SUSFANS scenario drivers ready to be used by the modeling toolbox

Deliverable 6.2: A systematic review of existing EU-wide scenarios related to the EU sustainable food and nutrition security, identification of most salient features, and resulting synthesis scenarios for exploring sustainable diets

Deliverable 8.4: Early warning systems for commodity markets

Deliverable 4.5: The drivers of crop production at regional level in the EU: an econometric analysis

Deliverable 7.1: The initial model to design SHARP diets, based on nutritional adequacy and preliminary sustainability metrics

Deliverable 5.1: Baseline sustainability assessment of the current state of livestock/fish and fruit/vegetables supply chains

A modelling strategy for quantifying the sustainability of food and nutrition security in the EU

Deliverable 8.1: Fundamentals, Speculation or Macroeconomic Conditions? On the Determinants of Commodity Price Dynamics, with an Application to Arabica Coffee

Deliverable 1.3: Sustainability metrics for the EU food system: a review across economic, environmental and social considerations

Deliverable 2.3: Analysis of the online choice experiment on fruit and vegetables determining the importance of nutritional and environmental benefits and the level of information

Communication Plan

Deliverable 8.3: Forecasting Commodity Prices Under Specification Uncertainty: A Comprehensive Approach

Deliverable 5.2: Innovation pathways towards future nutrition security: Innovation pathways towards more sustainable production and consumption in the livestock-fish supply chain and their uptake in the SUSFANS models

Deliverable 4.6: Spatially explicit farm and environmental indicators at a scale of 1 km x 1 km

Deliverable 4.5: The drivers of crop production at regional level in the EU: an econometric analysis

Deliverable 3.3: The role of the post-farm food chain for sustainability indices

Deliverable 2.6: Simulations of diet recommendations and assessment of their economic, environmental and nutritional impacts.

Deliverable 3.2: The role of different food chain actors on setting private food standards

Deliverable 2.5: Consumer choice related to meat/fish consumption and their possible replacement by plant-based products: results from lab experiments and costbenefit analysis

Deliverable 4.7: Database on farm-level production and sustainability indices for assessing sustainable diets