Third Stakeholder Core Group Workshop on "Innovation pathways for livestock and fish sectors"

This event will mostly focus on the innovation pathways for livestock and fish sectors and will introduce recent results on the contribution of EU/global consumers on climate change. A detailed programme will be circulated soon together with practical information regarding the venue, but please see here under a draft programme.

Session 1

  • Sustainability assessment for EU food security (D5.1) (Hannah van Zanten)
  • Summary of D1.5 on spider diagram and discussion with SCG (Monika Zurek)

Session 2

  • Innovation pathways related to livestock (Hannah van Zanten))
  • Innovation pathway seafood (Friederike Ziegler)

Session 3

  • Results review paper alternative protein sources (Hannah van Zanten and Friederike Ziegler)
  • Contribution of EU/global consumers on climate change (part of D5.4) (Thomas Heckelei and/or Marijke Kuiper)
  • Valuing leftovers through livestock: impact of species and productivity level (Ollie van Hall)


Conference Blog

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Time and Venue

28th September 2017

Vienna, Austria