Deliverable 11.6: Feasibility and acceptance of SUSFANS Toolbox and results

Deliverable 11.6: Feasibility and acceptance of SUSFANS Toolbox and results
Paper authors
Gohar Nuhoff-Isakhanyan and Harriëtte Snoek (Wageningen Economic Research)
With contributions of Carine Dubuisson, Jean-Luc Volatier, and Sabrina Havard, Anne Vibeke Thorsen and Ellen Trolle, Aida Turrini, Laura Daddezio, and Lorenza Mistura , Marcela Dofkova and Ruprich Jiří
May 15 2019
Description Stakeholder workshops were held to increase awareness of the SUSFANS project outcomes and willingness to implement and consult the user toolbox in decision-making processes among stakeholders. Four workshops were held in France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Italy with in total 110 stakeholders from academia, national policy makers, industry, and NGO’s. We used a combination of general stakeholder workshops and specific group discussions with DEMOCs cards. Because of the complex and abstract structure of the SUSFANS toolboxes, the usability and feasibility outcomes were challenging for the stakeholders to discuss. Therefore, they were given future narratives of possible scenarios in the form of DEMOCS cards that helped workshops participants to come up with innovative ideas and propose further improvement, feasibility and acceptance of the SUSFANS toolboxes. Stakeholders appreciated the structured approach of SUSFANS to define sustainability in its four dimensions: environment, economics, cultural/social, nutrition/health. The SUSFANS visualizer was considered a useful tool to evaluate sustainability impacts of policies and support decision making of public policy makers in a more holistic and evidence based way. The toolbox was considered helpful to facilitate discussions between disciplines, countries, public and private on the health and sustainability outcomes, to have an informed discussion and get people to move. The abstract form of the toolboxes and the complexity, in combination with limited time to digest the provided information left participants with a challenge to foresee the exact application of the toolboxes in their daily practice.
Corresponding Author(s)
Gohar Nuhoff-Isakhanyan
Harriëtte Snoek
Authors at SUSFANS
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