Thom Achterbosch

Deliverable 9.5 The SUSFANS toolbox for assessing EU Sustainable food and nutrition security


Deliverable 10.4: Foresight of EU sustainable food and nutrition security: the interplay between major challenges and policy responses at different spatiotemporal scales

Deliverable 6.3: A systematic analysis of social, economic and environmental sustainability metrics for the range of activities and world views encompassed in the EU food systems

Deliverable 9.6: The strengths and limitations of the SUSFANS metrics and models for assessing sustainable food and nutrition security in Europe

Newsletter 5

Workshop report: 4 th Stakeholder Core Group Workshop

State of play in the SUSFANS project - second period

Deliverable 5.3: Innovation pathways towards more sustainable production and consumption in the fruit - vegetable supply chain and their uptake in the SUSFANS models

Deliverable 10.1: Quantified SUSFANS scenario drivers ready to be used by the modeling toolbox